bullyproofing contest!

There have been such great suggestions emailed to us about how to reduce bullying in a school.  It occurred to us that you would like to see these suggestions, too.  So, here’s the plan: You send in your tips, tricks and strategies for bullyproofing your school, and we’ll compile and condense them all into a massive list.  At the end of the project, we’ll send out copies to all who have contributed (using your email address).  Just to make it more fun, each month we’ll give out free copies of our newest book, Building the Respectful School, to the contributors of the best and most innovative ideas we’ve received.  Just one idea per post please and, if you’ve entered a number of times, well, sit on your hands for a while and give others a chance!  Please use the comment section below.

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  1. Dayle Gray says:

    The website link is to a video that I filmed that we presented to our 3-5 th grade classes. A presentation that my colleague did for our K-2 students is shown below that. You need to view it on either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. It is not a “slick” production, but we all had fun making it, and the students learned a lot. Having students talking to students for our 3-5th graders has proved effective and many other students are asking to be part of our “Orca News Network”. Another group of 5th graders is currently at work on a video about Rumors and Gossip.

  2. Paul Jepson, CDP, NCAC1 says:

    I have used the “Don’t Laugh at Me” bully prevention program that was developed by Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul, and Mary. This program is good for grades 3rd through 6th and has many good components. The link for Operation Respect is http://www.dontlaugh.org/

  3. Helen Hafer, Middle School Counselor says:

    BullyProofing: This year we took a 3 pronged approach to the problem of bullying and harassment at our middle school. First we had an all school assembly in January with a local speaker from Unite4Life who talked about bullying, particularly emphasizing cyberbullying and the consequences for all involved. He was very engaging. We followed up over a 2 week period by showing 2 videos over the school network, “Stopping Verbal Bullying” and “Tuning in to Sexual Harassment” (both produced by New Dimension Media). Teachers had their homeroom classes watch the video and then used followup discussion questions we provided with their students. During this 3 week window of time, we counselors also sponsored an anti bully poster contest. Homerooms submitted posters, the art teacher helped us judge them, we gave out prizes to a homeroom at each grade level, and posted their art work around the building. Through this process we created some common vocabulary around the issue of harassment and bullying that has been in use ever since.

    • admin says:

      Excellent, Helen! Well, thought-out, multi-media approach, and reached students in 3 different areas of school. This is looking like the winner for April.

  4. Tyra says:

    Thankyou for the advise!!

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