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Building the Respectful School:school climate planning done right

There are a number of steps in building a respectful school, but many schools focus on only one or two of the four.  This booklet will walk you through all  the steps in a no-nonsense, get-it-done-now fashion.  Using advice from real-world schools who’ve done it the right way, you, too, can turn your school building into a peaceful, respectful place.

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Working with Bullies and Victims in Support Groups

Turning theory into practical application, this invaluable resource shows you how to set up and facilitate intervention groups for students who bully, and support groups for children who are targets of bullying.  Also included are sections on working through group resistance, addressing scheduling issues and handling confidentiality.  With clear lesson plans and engaging activities, this three-ring binder resource contains everything you need to create spectacular group experiences.   A must-have for support group leaders wanting to work with students affected by bullying.

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