the support group corner

Every school quarter, we provide a new group activity for you to download for free.  Representing a wide range of groups–for kids who are super angry to teens who have a drinking or other drug problem–these activities are sure to help you in your work with students.

Download the pdf file and print a copy to use in your groups.  Feel free to adapt these activities to meet your needs (and please tell us about your successes with your experiments!) 

This school quarter’s selection is:

Mr. Potato Head – This activity is lots of fun and very engaging...a good activity when energy is lagging in the group or to “bring back in” members who are bored.  It encourages team work and cooperation, allows one member to shine with her/his leadership skills and elicits reflection on personality traits.


If you like these activities and are looking for more, well, we’ve got a bunch more.  They’re listed in our store and sell for only .98 cents each.  Please go here to see the list.