About our TeleClasses

First off, what they are NOT!

TeleClasses are not webinars.  You know, those things you listen to in the background while you play solitaire on your computer.

TeleClasses are not teleconferences where some droning monotone voice goes over a long list of bulleted items and the only take-away is a sore ear from the phone pressed against your ear for too long.

And what they ARE!

TeleClasses are an exciting new way to gain the important skills and knowledge you need in your workplace.  Choose the topic and schedule that works for you, and then register.  We do the rest.  You will receive an email with a call-in phone number, a pin number and a website address to look at visuals during the TeleClass (if you wish).

Now here’s what makes TeleClass so rewarding:

Latest and best information and skills.  We bring to you thirty-some years of working in school and community settings with kids of all ages, and we are continually seeking new ways to meet their needs.  In this way, you receive the best of what’s out there in use today, as well as what others are experimenting with as promising practices.

Opportunities to network.  During the course of the workshop, you’ll have opportunities to participate in small break-out groups with other participants.  For example, the presenter may give you an intriguing question to discuss and then break workshop participants into private groups of 6.  After further discussion and opportunities to heal about strategies your peers are using, the presenter will bring you all back together. 

Questions and comments.  Our TeleClasses encourage audience participation.  Have a question?  Just ask it right in  the middle of the presentation.  Want to make a comment?  Simply type it on your computer keyboard and the presenter will see it, gaining good information about your wants and needs.  Right now, not after the fact.

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