Frequently asked questions

How long are the classes?  Unless otherwise stated, all classes are 60 minutes in length.

Do I need special equipment to participate?  Just a telephone.  If you want to watch the PowerPoint slides you will need to have access to a computer linked to the Internet.

How do I sign up?  Select the class you’re interested in and choose an available offered time that’s convenient to you and then pay for it, using the shopping cart.  We’ll then send you an email with instructions on how to register for the class.  When you register, you will receive the dial-in telephone number and a website address to watch the visuals.

What do I do when it is class time?  A few minutes before your class starts, call in using the telephone number  and enter the pin number when prompted.  If you want to watch the visuals (recommended) then log on to the website.  The phone number, pin number and website address are all given to you in an email when you complete your registration for the class.

I am in a different time zone than Pacific Coast Time so how do I figure out what time the class is for me?  All class times are listed as Pacific Coast Time.  Mountain Time is one hour later, Central Time is 2 hours later and East Coast Time is 3 hours later than the listed class time.  Click here for a time zone calculator.

Where should I be when attending the class?  Choose a quiet place that has both a telephone and a computer.  Most people use an office space with a door that can be closed.  Let others know that you won’t be available during the class so that you won’t be interrupted.  If using a cell phone, be certain that you have a clear connection and enough battery power left on the phone.

What if I miss the class? No worries!  We’ll just get you scheduled for another class without any penalty.

I lost/can’t find my pin/phone number or website address!  These were sent to you in an email when you registered.  If you have lost this, you may contact our training coordinator at or 248-214-6425 for a replacement.

Do the classes use a toll-free phone line?  No, there will be a charge on your school’s long distance phone plan.  This doesn’t amount to much more than a few dollars.

What if I have technical difficulties getting connected to the class?  First try a different phone line.  Please be aware that some VoIP services such as MagicJack, Vonage, and some prepaid calling cards, may not work when dialing in to the conference call. If that is the case, please try calling again from a standard landline or cell phone. You can also use SkypeOut or Google Talk.  If you don’t have MagicJack or Vonage, and are having a problem connecting to your call with the first dial-in number issued, please try one of our alternate numbers below:

* (530) 216-4294
* (310) 409-2027
* (510) 281-1111

Your unique PIN number will work with any of these numbers listed above. If you’ve tried all three numbers above, and your PIN doesn’t work with any of them, contact us at or 248-214-6425 to ask for another PIN.

I don’t see a class on the topic that is important to me.  Email us at and let us know what you need.  There’s a good chance that we can fulfill your request.

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